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Why The Sudden Outrage ?

category international | anti-war / imperialism | feature author Monday February 28, 2022 23:55author by Gary Jordanauthor email thecovid19illusion at protonmail dot com Report this post to the editors

Because Outraged People Are Distracted People.

featured image

Wag the Dog?

With every major crisis - be it a fake pandemic or a manufactured war - comes further confirmation that the average man or woman on the street is hypnotised and has long lost the ability to think critically.

Without taking as much as 30 seconds to step out from the real-time MK Ultra mind-control projects of social media, the vast majority are jumping headfirst into MSM-driven emotionally-charged dialectics and reductive good-versus-evil narratives.

With every major crisis - be it a fake pandemic or a manufactured war - comes further confirmation that the average man or woman on the street is hypnotised and has long lost the ability to think critically.

Without taking as much as 30 seconds to step out from the real-time MK Ultra mind-control projects of social media, the vast majority are jumping headfirst into MSM-driven emotionally-charged dialectics and reductive good-versus-evil narratives.

Russia bad. Ukraine good.

Ukraine bad. Russia good.

There can be no viewpoint in between, it seems.

For example, the former is the prevailing narrative amongst armchair Leftist activists here in Ireland. Already, the comments sections of social media news alerts in the country are being bombarded with calls for Ireland to open up its borders and accommodate Ukrainian refugees. Direct provision lodgings are not acceptable, we are told. The people of Ukraine, fleeing from the advancing Russian army, should be given plush homes to stay in. In fact, it is even suggested by some that those who have a spare bedroom in their house should be forced to open their doors to the immigrants arriving here. Those who own a second property or a holiday home should be obligated to accommodate the Ukrainian asylum seekers in it. So virtuous are these commentators - none of whom, by the way, are bribed or blackmailed agents of social-engineering organisations such as The Royal Institution, Dynology or The Valen Group (wink, wink) - that they are demanding hard-working Irish people give up their private property, their safety and their privacy to people that they know nothing about, and who happen to be arriving here without any background checks performed whatsoever. Who could argue with that logic and what could possibly go wrong? It is not as if any one of these charitable Facebook users walk - nose held high in the air, cinnamon-sprinkled takeout cappuccino in hand - past their fellow native, as he lies homeless in his own piss on O’Connell Bridge on a daily basis, without so much as an acknowledgement of his existence. We could never accuse these NGO-brainwashed morons of being hypocrites, could we? The bleeding heart liberals of the Marxist variety are all about social justice once again, after having spent two whole years supporting Fascist forced vaccination procedures. Their Fabian Socialist masters, avid pushers of One World Governance and a single Globalist State, are quite happy to permit them - for now, at least - to promote ‘nationalism’ and 'independence’, as the colours of the Ukrainian flag are posted online, everywhere and anywhere you look.

Then there’s the QTard crowd who, along with many in the alt-media, are more inclined towards the Russia good/Ukraine bad narrative. Only just prior to the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, they were, quite rightly, criticising Justin Trudeau and calling him out as a tyrant. Fast forward only days later and now they hail Putin as their saviour. The same man who last week sent his henchmen out to ruthlessly crush peaceful anti-war protestors on the streets of Russia’s cities - just as Trudeau sent his henchmen out to ruthlessly crush peaceful anti-mandate protestors on the streets of Canada’s cities the week before that - is supposedly a champion and a hero. The nasty ‘Deep State’ that organised the 9/11 false flag attacks, killing vast numbers of its own citizens, is going to be taken down, they tell us, by Putin - the man who organised the Russia Apartment bombings, killing vast numbers of his own citizens. The nasty ‘Deep State’ that was responsible for the slaughter of Americans in Waco, Texas is being confronted by a man who is connected to Chechen terrorists, some of whom murdered vast numbers of Russian children in Beslan. The ‘Deep State’ villains, many of whom are members of Klaus Schwab’s evil World Economic Forum, is about to be wiped out by a man who is a member of Klaus Schwab’s evil World Economic Forum. The ‘Deep State’ that wants to control and enslave all humans with mandatory vaccinations, tracking and tracing apps and QR Codes will be crushed by a regime that has implemented the exact same mandatory vaccination policies, rolled out the same COVID-19 surveillance and forced business owners in Russia to have QR Code systems located at their shop entrances. The ‘Deep State’ that wants to build a New World Order is being challenged, apparently, by a man who, with China’s Xi Jinping and others, is helping to usher in a ‘New’ New World Order.

Right! Trust the plan.

And all while this nonsense rhetoric is going on - one way or another - the whole world is outraged. Outraged at Putin. Outraged at Zelenskyy. Outraged at Biden. Outraged at the EU. Outraged at everyone.

But nobody, for some reason, is outraged at the criminal, eugenicist bankers and billionaire corporate socialist, Trotskyite CEOs who are on a mission to take down the world’s economy and the vast majority of the world’s population with it, by any means necessary. Nobody is outraged at Wall Street. Nobody is outraged at the European Central Bank. Nobody is outraged at the IMF, the Bank of International Settlements or the World Bank. Nobody is outraged at the Rothschild’s City of London.

Nobody seems to be outraged at the fact that we have all just been robbed in the biggest theft of wealth in human history on the pretence of a phoney pandemic.

So why all the sudden outrage about the Ukraine/Russia conflict?

And where has all the outrage been until now?

Why wasn’t there outrage among the ‘Israel has a right to defend itself’ crew in May 2021, when buildings in Gaza were being demolished by the Israeli army and when a child was being shot in the eye? Where was the outrage when the entire nation of Yemen, along with its World Heritage Sites, was being destroyed by a Western-backed, Saudi Arabian-led coalition and when over 370,000 people were being killed? Where was the outrage when children starved to death in Yemen in a manufactured famine that was aided by the Canadian government and still is being to this day? Where was the outrage when school buses were being bombed with American weapons and when wedding ceremonies were targeted in drone strikes? Where was the outrage when an Afghani aid worker, who happened to work for an American humanitarian organisation, and seven children were killed in a US drone strike in August 2021? Where was the outrage when migrants in Sana'a, Yemen were slaughtered after their temporary living facilities were bombed by the Saudi-led alliance? Or when three children were murdered in a field by that very same alliance, as they innocently played football?

Do you remember Saudi Arabia and its allies getting hit with sanctions? Do you remember hearing that Israel’s national football team was to be removed from FIFA tournaments? Do you remember any pseudo-liberals posting the flag of Yemen on their social media page?

Me neither.

Is it, perhaps, the fact that Russia has nuclear weapons that justifies the current outrage? If so, where was the outrage when Israeli Foreign Minister, Yair Lapid, in a TV interview in December 2021, stated that ‘Israel has capabilities, some of which the world, and even some experts in the field, cannot even imagine’? Do the Zionist bankers who pay the wages of the talking heads of the lying mainstream media only allow their tools to be outraged on some occasions and not others? Is it frowned upon when people are openly outraged if it is Israeli occupation driving people from their homes, as opposed to Russian occupation? Are Israeli bombs and Saudi Arabian missiles exempt from outrage? Is Israel’s nuclear program less dangerous than Russia’s? Is it not worthy, considering its covert beginnings, of the same outrage as Russia’s?

As all the outrage ensues and as the hysteria amplifies, and as genuinely frightened citizens are forced to leave their homes, their careers and their loved ones, as young men and women just out of school are handed weapons and instructed to kill people they have never met before and have no personal gripe with, and as women and children are troubled and traumatised by the fear of all-out war, the Davos duo - Putin and Zelenskyy - remain billionaires and stay out of harm’s way. So too do the weapons manufacturers and the bankers who profit from murder. But still, there is no outrage directed at these characters. That outrage is reserved by social media users for social media users, as they are further polarised and divided, choosing their side and conveniently forgetting about the people and institutions responsible for suffering and bloodshed in the first place.

Conveniently forgotten too, are the crimes of the cabal. The sound of bombs and bullets drown out any talk of their sins. As war propaganda leaves many of us unable to distinguish truth from lies, the world’s most deplorable criminals are tip-toeing their way out of accountability. Lost among the hysterical headlines of nuclear war, important stories are overlooked - just as planned. Thus, very little attention is paid to news such as this:

Credit Suisse revelations: The rot of the financial oligarchy and its banking system

The leak of 30,000 bank accounts belonging to Credit Suisse has revealed the enormous wealth of dictators, criminals, officials and business tycoons involved in torture, drug trafficking, money laundering, corruption and other serious crimes…..

Suisse Secrets shows that the bank allowed people to open accounts even after they had been convicted of serious crimes and failed to investigate or even ask about the source of many other clients’ wealth. It alleges that the bank knowingly managed hundreds of millions of dollars for suspected war criminals, corrupt autocrats and drug dealers.

And this

Pfizer & Moderna Investors Run for the Exits

Wall Street investors are dumping their Moderna and Pfizer stock faster than the world can drop the mandates. Moderna is down 70 percent from its high, while Pfizer is off 19 percent…..

Here are (graduate of Notre Dame University and former Portfolio Manager at Blackrock, Edward) Dowd’s words:

“want to liken here to what's gone on in the Great Financial Crisis. We had rating agencies, third-party verification sources that were able to perpetuate the fraud because the money got too big, their institutions became corrupted with the institutional imperative, and they got triple-A ratings which we all know in hindsight were not triple-A ratings – let's move forward to today.”

“The FDA is the trusted third-party verification of pharmaceutical products. 50% of their budget comes from Pharma...due to the institutional imperative that was in place at the time and the speed with which they tried to approve these unproven products with this unproven technology, fraud did occur, and what's my proof of that? The FDA, together with Pfizer, were trying to hide the clinical data.”

And it’s come out recently...that the all-cause mortality for the Pfizer product failed – that means there were more deaths in the vaccine group than the placebo group. Normally in such a case, you have NO drug approval for such drugs. It's the gold standard. I've been told by all my people in the Biotech Industry they were horrified.….”

Bombs and bullets divert the attention of the people away from bankers and biotech criminals. As the world focuses solely on the crisis of the day, these gangsters continue to get away with murder. They are terrified that this is about to change.

It is always worth remembering; the main war is not between the Left and the Right or the East and the West. It is not between the Ukrainian people and the Russian people. Nor is it between Jews and Arabs or Christians and Muslims. It never has been.

The real war has always been between the demented, maniacal, psychopathic banking parasites that have hijacked the world and we, the people.

That war is ongoing.

And we all have reason to be outraged.

Gary Jordan
The COVID-19 Illusion; A Cacophony of Lies

Writes for The Irish Sentinel

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