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Europe is Committing Economic Suicide due to Sanctions and We Are All going to Suffer Badly for It

category national | politics / elections | feature author Sunday August 28, 2022 21:14author by T Report this post to the editors

EU Policy - "If They Don'T Have Gas, Let Them Burn Their Furniture"

featured image
BASF chemical plant threatened by gas & oil shortages

Europe is committing economic suicide all because they are doing the bidding of US Neocons by imposing ridiculous sanctions against Russia which are doing far more damage to Europe and very little to Russia. They are equivalent to threatening to shoot yourself in both feet and the head and then going ahead and doing it. It is a completely idiotic and absurd situation that Europe has arrived in. We are already seeing the initial consequences in the form of fuel price rises and inflation.

The sanctions have actually done three things. They have strengthened Russia's finances and independence, they have accelerated the destruction of the dollar and all fiat currencies connected to it and they are dealing an economc death blow to Europe's economy. By refusing Russian gas it has led to soaring prices and there is no viable alternative to replace the huge quantities of it. Gas is not just used for heating but also for generating base load electrical power. And Russian oil is used to supply a large chunk of the diesel fuel used in Europe and literally everything we buy and do, needs diesel. Diesel is the life blood of the real physical world. Any disruption there and we will all feel it very directly very quickly.

The Irish government are fully aware of the potentially dire consequences of these reckless decisions because they have made it known that they have emergency plans for fuel rationing. Unfortunately it seems the public don't fully realize the scale of the pending crisis and that it is all caused by war-mongering and the belligerent actions of US & NATO cheered on by our own clueless politicians. It is quite clear that every government and institution is captured by sinister elements and those in key positions of power and influence have either been bought off or blackmailed. This was all very evident during Covid, when we saw how governments moved in lockstep to a single script, orchestrated by the totalitarian forces in the background. The Epstein revelations gave the public an insight into the extent and depth of blackmail and how it reached the highest echelons of society.

Effects of Sanctions Begin to Kick In on European Economy

Sept 2022
Ireland: Bord Gas says gas prices to go up 39%. Similar price increases for electricity.
Businesses like small supermarkets around the country reporting electric bills tripling in price

Europe BREAKING: 40 CEOs of European metal producers have wrote an open letter to Ursula von der Leyen and the European Commission warning of an "existential threat" to industry as power prices surge.

The European metals industry has called on the EU for emergency action to prevent a collapse of the sector which faces an existential threat from surging power and gas prices. In a letter to the top EU officials, including European Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen, the European metals industry association Eurometaux wrote that “the business leaders of Europe’s non-ferrous metals industry are writing together to raise the alarm about Europe’s worsening energy crisis and its existential threat to our future.” As much as 50% of the EU’s aluminum and zinc capacity has already been forced offline due to the power crisis, Eurometaux said in the letter. Significant curtailments have also been made in silicon and ferroalloys production, and further impacts felt across the copper and nickel sectors, the association added.

The world's largest steel group, ArcelorMittal, is temporarily shutting down two plants in Germany due to high energy costs . From the end of September, the group will shut down one of the two blast furnaces at the flat steel site in Bremen until further notice, the company announced on Friday. In the Hamburg long steel mill, the direct reduction plant will also be shut down from the fourth quarter due to the current situation and the negative prospects. Both plants already have short-time work, which is now being expanded. There is also short-time work at the production sites in Duisburg and Eisenhüttenstadt.

will be updated as sanctions bite deeper

Context to the War

We are facing potentially huge and long lasting economic problems in this country and throughout Europe because of our lying politicians, media and the wealthy and powerful elites behind them. Large swaths of people have been duped by them and have been primed to willingly accept huge disruptions in their lives and drops in their standard of living because they think they are standing with "Ukraine" and on the side of "freedom". As is normal with all major events and wars, the truth is the opposite to what we are being told.

Firstly the war in Ukraine was totally provoked by NATO with the backing of the USA and EU who helped bring the neo-Nazis to power in Kiev back in 2014 and since then NATO has equipped and trained the Ukrainian army to NATO standards and filled it with Western military advisers. No less than the head of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg has been quite forthright in stating as much. The West is openly supplying weapons, logistics, money and political support and top officials both in the EU and US have said they want the war to last as long as possible, so as to hurt Russians and ultimately bring about regime change. That means to kill them. Most normal people would like to see peace promoted and indeed that is what polls show. So here we have the West on the one hand claiming to be the bearers of peace and democracy while promoting war and lying about it and wasting tax payers money on it. It is well past the time for the rhetoric to be dialed down.

The Military Situation In The Ukraine by Jacques Baud | Ray McGovern (former CIA analyst) Interview: Proxy War in Ukraine: How We Got to Where We Are Today | War In Donbass: Ukranian War 2014-2016 | Burnt alive in Odessa (documentary) | Fascism in Ukraine: Past and Present. 2014-2022
featured image
NATO expansion

What is worse is that the mainstream media in the West has made strident and successful efforts to hide the scale of Nazi elements and thugs within the Ukrainian government and the army since the coup in 2014 orchestrated by the US & EU. Few are aware that immediately following the coup that there were violent crackdowns and a hate campaign launched against all things Russia including banning the language even though it was widely spoken in Ukraine and the Ukrainian language itself is derived directly from Russian. In late 2014 far right Nazi thugs brutally murdered over 30 young people in the city of Odessa. Many since were jailed and tortured. In the following months and years, statues from World War II celebrating the defeat over the German Nazis were torn down. Instead up went new statues celebrating Stefan Bandera, the leading Ukrainian far right nationalist who was a prominent Nazi collaborator responsible for the murder of many Jews and others during that time. This is the person who the regime and the key layer of thugs in power in the Ukraine venerate. In schools the history books were rewritten along the same lines too, thus propagandizing a new generation. Just like the way the CIA got Saudi Arabia to promote the muslim extremists in that part of the world for decades.

CIA Trained the Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion and Has Chosen Ukraine as the Birthplace of the New “Global White Supremacist” Terror Threat | Saudi prince admits US told monarchy to spread extremist Wahhabi Islamist ideology to combat communism | ISIS Is Completely Fabricated: Muslim Brotherhood ISIS Are Mercenaries Not Muslims! | Over 100,000 slaughtered with axes, pitchforks, scythes and knives: The Wolyn massacre started 76 years ago today and lasted for two years

People naively think a Nazi is someone who hates Jews. It is more general. It is someone who violently oppose other races over whom they feel superior and in the case of Ukrainian Nazis today, they treat and see Russians the way the German Nazis viewed Jews. Most of the Ukrainian Nazis and other related nationalists are from the Galicia region of Western Ukraine bordering Poland. The Polish should know a thing or two about them because between the years 1943 and 1945 during World War II, Ukrainians murdered over 100,000 Polish peasants in what is known as the Wolyn massacre. The killings were linked to Bandera's Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists.

featured image

These are the people in power, in government, councils, institutes, the intelligence service and the army. Many of them are covered in Nazi tattoos and other symbols of this sick ideology. The trick with having Zelensky in power, who is Jewish but non-practicing, is that they use him to deflect any criticism. Why if the president is Jewish, then the rest cannot be true. The US deep state or basically the military industrial complex who are the people pulling the strings -including those of the Biden corpse, have used Ukrainians for wider strategic goals of the US empire for which they are willing to fight to the last Ukrainian and maybe sacrifice Europe's economy too, to achieve.

To the US empire, Russia has always been perceived as a threat. During the Cold War, we were told it was because it was socialist. Only during the drunken Yeltsin years when Russia sold off everything on advice from the West, it gave rise to the oligarchs and the country was improvised and looted; was it the darling of the West. The oligarchs were welcomed by the West and encouraged to place their new found ill got wealth there. The key role for them was that they were the means by which Russian resources were robbed from the people of Russia and sold cheaply to the West. So when Putin slowly but steadily put a stop to all of this and built up the country again, the West were horrified at the prospect of a national leader doing things for the benefit of its own people. And since then they have vilified him. Much of the negative publicity of Russia and indeed of Putin is likely the output of vilification campaigns of the various intelligence agencies. So now we must all hate Russia because Putin is evil, is a dictator and the new Hitler. The trouble with all this is that it gets tiresome and simply isn't true. But as long as they can create the stories and people buy into it, then they can proceed with their agenda. The original plan after the breakup of the Soviet Union was to smash it into a thousand pieces and play off each of the many ethnic groups & regions with each other while the looting continued. The wars in the 1990s in Chechnya were part of that destabilization plan as well as the earlier Ukrainian colour revolutions, the attack by Georgia on South Ossetia in 2008 and others.

featured image

And so we circle back to the present. Destabilize Ukraine and drive a wedge between Russia and Europe so that their respective economies do NOT merge, least they dominate in size over the US and give Europe a chance to pull away from being vassal states of the US. The other goal was to create an Vietnam type mess on Russia's doorstep that would bleed it dry of resources in trying to prop it up and undermine the Russian economy and lead to political instability thereby opening the door to a colour revolution and bringing back a Yeltsin type figure who would re-open the country to Western (i.e. US) looting again.

A smaller detail of the Ukrainian 2014 coup was to grab Crimea and deny the Russian's of their main Southern naval port and turn it into a NATO one. However they forgot that Crimea had been Russian for centuries until Khrushchev gave it away one drunken night in 1954 but the people living there never felt anything but Russian. So when the referendum was held in 2014 to rejoin Russia, 97% said yes and it was encouraged by the fact that the new freshly minted Nazi regime in Kiev had already banned the Russian language and were in the process of attacking the Donbass with many killed already. It was clear what their fate was. It was never annexed. Besides in the 1850s, Turkey, France and Britain fought the famous Crimean war in guess where, Crimea, against who?. Why of course the Russians because it was Russian then and Turkey wanted to grab it with a bit of help from their French and British friends. Perhaps Wikipedia has already rewritten that history.

The Donbass region of Ukraine which covers the regions of Lugansk and Donetsk on the Eastern border with Russia is where much of the coalfields were located and for this reason the industrial part of Ukraine arose here during Soviet times. As you go East in Ukraine it is more and more Russian, in culture, language and ethnicity. After the coup in 2014 the EU & US backed Nazi regime in Kiev (The US flag even hung outside the headquarters of the SBU in Kiev for a while) wanted to make sure they could hold onto this valuable region and put their stamp on it and boot out the Russian influence. So they launched a war against the Donbass. There were in fact two wars and despite the Kiev regime loosing on both occasions, they inflicted a lot of damage and at least 14,000 Ukrainian civilians of Russian ethnicity were killed during this time. The Minsk accords came out of this and were brokered by the EU and Russia and signed by the Kiev regime, but they never implemented a single part of it and former Ukrainian President Poroshenko, admitted that they only used it as a stalling tactic to rebuild the army.

These sort of details are strictly forbidden in the mainstream media narrative and that is why you never hear about them on RTE, Newstalk, SkyNews, BBC, CNN and all the other mainstream media. They would rather have you believe that evil Putin woke up with a bad hangover one morning and decided on his own bat to invade Ukraine and bomb hospitals or something. Irish people of all people should know that any conflict -aka Northern Ireland, has many years history behind it and the spark that lights them only ignites because there has been a lot of grievances pre-existing for it to take hold upon.

This country and the rest of Europe have been grossly misled and lied to and we are about to go through economic hell due to this but people have been so propagandized they have been duped into accepting it because they think it is a noble sacrifice when they are the ones about to be sacrificed and impoverished. The fact is the West is broke and we were going to be impoverished anyhow so this is a good way of pretending it was for another reason and getting people to gladly accept it and in the process conveniently shifting the blame.

The Trigger for the War and It's Timing

So lets move on now to the start of the Ukrainian war. People think it stared on Feb 24th 2022 when the Russian army crossed the border to the defense of the newly declared republics of Lugansk and Donetsk. In fact it started 10 days before but not by Russia. The question is why? Well remember the US had been poking the Russian bear since 2014 and they knew that eventually they would have to take the bait. Russia knew that too and did it's utmost to not take the bait because they needed time to strengthen their army and their economy. So they held off as long as possible. In the meantime the Covid scamdemic had been launched in early 2020 to stave off financial collapse that had threatened in Oct 2019 when the repo market locked up and had to be bailed out and part of the plan was to do a controlled demolition on the economy so that those who own all the wealth, kept the wealth and mopped up all the rest. Hence the lockdowns to destroy as many small businesses as possible and transfer the market share to the global corporations. Amazon being a good example whose turnover increased enormously. Then came the dangerous Covid vaccines which are fraudulent in every conceivable way possible. In early Feb 2022, Pfizer was brought to court over it's attempts to seal all documents about the vaccines for over 75 years. But a (brave) judge in the US ordered they start releasing 500 pages of documentation a day. These early dumps clearly showed the early clinical trials were fraudulent, the data was manipulated and that more people died who took the vaccine than the control group. Many other disturbing facts about the deadly nature of the vaccines have since come to light. The Covid narrative was in danger of unraveling very quickly and people will remember the sudden easing of restrictions after the ludicrous antigen testing frenzy over the previous Christmas period. A diversion was needed. And Ukraine which was primed to go, was that diversion and the start of phase 2 of the larger overall plan which is to get rid of the usage of cash and go fully digital. This will give the corporatocracy total control over everyone and the economy and bring in a social control credit matrix system that is already up and running in China.

2019 Repo Madness Bailouts Were Over $19 Trillion? The Fed Bailed Out Japanese Banks For Trillions? | Dr Naomi Wolf on the Pfizier documents: Dear Friends, Sorry to Announce a Genocide
featured image

For the previous 8 years, the Ukraine with NATO help had built and fortified a defensive line West of the Donbass in preparation of the next assault. The Organization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe (OSCE) have had monitors in place in Donbass since 2014 and one of their tasks was to monitor the number of shells (i.e. bombs) fired by either side on this contact line. In reality this shelling was only from the Ukrainian side. You can see in the graph below that in the 10 days prior to Feb 24th this daily number rose rapidly to over 8,000 per day. That is fired by the dug-in Ukrainian army towards Donetsk. If that many shells were fired on Dublin, what would you do? You would flee. And that's exactly what happened. In those few days well over 100,000 fled East to Russia to safety. It was clear the Ukrainians were building up to an all out offensive and a slaughter was about to begin. And thence Lugansk and Donetsk declared themselves republics and Russia immediately recognized them. It should be noted just prior to this while Zelensky was attending a NATO conference in Munich he announced Ukraine was considering pursue nuclear weapons.

It was only then that Russia moved and launched their SMO or Special Military Operation to denazify Ukraine and ensure they never join NATO. People seem to think it is no big deal for Ukraine to join NATO. Yet if the equivalent situation arose in say Mexico where it joined an equivalent version of NATO but controlled by the Russians and Chinese, would the USA stand idly by? No and everyone would support the US cause. Ukraine joining NATO is really another version of the 1962 Cuban Nuclear Missile Crisis, when the Soviet Union placed nuclear missiles in Cuba that were only 15 minutes flight time to Washington DC and New York. They did this in response to the US / NATO's placement of nuclear missiles in Turkey which were only 15 minutes flight time to Moscow. In the resolution of the crisis which brought the world within a hair's breadth to nuclear war, it was agreed to keep the bit about the missiles in Turkey, secret for 30 years as that allowed the US to not loose face and the rest of humanity to survive. If Ukraine joined NATO, then nuclear missiles placed there would only be about 5 mins flight time to Moscow. The Russians lost over 20 million people fighting the Nazi's in World War II. Every Russian family has someone of an earlier generation who died in that war. They are not about to just lie down and rollover. This whole business is an existential issue for them and the argument is really with the West or rather the elites running it. This is a fight until one side fails.

Now think about the lies again about Putin. Is he still a Hitler that happened to get out of the wrong side of bed and start a war? Only a fool would ignore the context of the very very brief history and context given here. But absolutely none of that appears in the mainstream media. Instead in this country, the UK and much of Europe, we have brainwashed people "standing with Ukraine" and flying the flag and it is likely they don't have the first clue about any of this. What they are really doing is virtue signalling. If they really had one shred of care or concern they would make it their business to find out these details and they might also discover that the same bleeding hearts of the US and UK government have been backing the Saudi Arabian inspired war against Yemen since 2011 where it is estimated at least 300,000 have died. Where are their flags for Yemen ? And where were their tears when civilians were attacked in the Donbass wars and killed. All carried out by their Ukrainian Nazi friends.

The Sanctions

The sanctions are straight forward. The West with arm twisting by the US behind the scenes has imposed sanctions on all things Russian. First they cut off Russia from the international inter bank payment system SWIFT which effectively cut them off from Western banks. Then they seized, in other words stole, €300 billion of Russian assets held in Western banks. The purpose was to collapse the Russian economy. If this was done to say the US, it would be considered an act of war. Then they blocked all flights, ships and basically anything Russian including trying to cancel Russian culture itself where Russia books were removed from libraries, Russian sports people asked to renounce Russia. There was even a Russian conductor of an orchestra in Germany fired. Remind anyone of the Jewish cancellation in 1939? The full scale propaganda war by the West combined with the blitzkrieg of sanctions whipped up the public into hysteria and it bore many fruits.

featured image

In the case of Ireland, we had a completely brain-washed idiot back a truck into the gates of the Russian embassy in Dublin while the Gardai on duty stood idly by. It was perhaps one of the most embarrassing things for this nation as under the articles of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic relations of 1961, it is a duty of the state to protect embassies of other nations present and Ireland was derelict in it's duties in this regard. Instead the incident was celebrated in a jingoistic manner in the media. Pure juvenile and it showed up the Irish establishment as being childish immature pawns of more powerful nations. It is incidents like this that demonstrate the abject ignorance and gombeeness amongst our political classes.

But the idiocy is not just exclusive to Ireland because Europe at the EU level has decided (under US orders) to stop buying Russian gas whilst the vassal German government has complied with US orders to not start up the Nordstream-2 gas pipeline and play games with the existing Nordstream-1 that supplies much of the Russian gas to Germany. It would be funny if it wasn't so true. Europe gets at least 45% maybe more of it's gas from Russia. This is just plain insane and it not even hurting Russia one bit anyhow. But to put the icing on the cake, they are also planning to phase out all Russian oil as soon as possible and reliance averages about 20%. Again this is to "deny Putin". Right. Real economists like Michael Hudson and others call it economic suicide.

The whole point of sanctions was to destroy the Russian economy but the reasoning behind this was based on the belief that the Russia was weak, had a relatively small economy and was dependant on imports. None of these assumptions were true and it still stands.

The Economic Disaster due to Sanctions

Now to the details of the sanctions. First they haven't destroyed Russia. When the plug was pulled on SWIFT, Russia switched to their own system SPFS that they can use with China and a rapidly growing list of other countries. All it does is accelerate the decline of SWIFT itself and with it the dollar's dominance.

After the € 300 billion was seized, Russia was legally correct in terms of their existing gas contracts in demanding payment in Rubles because it was quite obvious they would be unable to receive the payment in Euros anymore and the same rule was applied to other commodities. So no problem there. Any gas the Europeans don't want can easily be routed to the gas pipelines going East to China. Another bonus is the threat of the shortage of gas has led to an increase in prices. Same for oil. Russia is now selling less oil and gas, yet it getting more than twice the amount previously. So the sanctions are working extremely well for them and very costly for Europe, triggering rampant inflation being borne by regular people who had no say in any of this orchestrated madness.

A further effect of stealing the €300 billion was that it sent a message to every other country in the world who hold euro or dollar reserves. Your money is not safe and it would be prudent to diversify. Many governments will now quietly start moving money out. This therefore just undermines confidence in the Western financial system and accelerates it decline.

featured image
Ruble vs Dollar exchange rate

Natural Gas is used for generating the base load electrical power. Base load is the continuous steady load which you need like on those days when the wind is not blowing and wind power output is a tiny fraction of the total. You also need a good steady base load to run major industrial plants. The Intel plant in Ireland would be a good example. Natural gas is also used for making ammonia a key ingredient in fertilizer, hence explaing the soaring price of it. It is used in furnaces and all sorts of industrial process and last but not least it is used for heating in commerical and residential settings. And it is no surprise that more gas is used in winter than summer.

Depending on the country, Russia gas contributes anything from 5% to 50% of all gas. In the case of Germany which is the economic powerhouse of Europe, 50% of its gas is Russian gas, as is it's coal. The sanctions have been so effective that already major electricity producers are declaring bankruptcy because supplies of gas have dropped and they are struggling with the high prices as well. Huge plants like the BASF's Ludwigshafen industrial chemical complex site with around 40,000 workers and spread over 10 square kilometers in Germany is one of the world's largest. It is estimated to use 4% of all gas in Germany. This operation makes literally everything you can think of. If supplies get interrupted here, machinery will have to close down, furnaces shut off.

featured image

Recently the President of Germany's IG BCE chemical workers union Michael Vassiliadis said when commenting on the possibility of partial or full shutdowns that:

"The consequences would not only be reduced work hours and job losses, but also the rapid collapse of the industrial production chains in Europe — with worldwide consequences," and Christian Kullmann, head of the German Chemical Industry Association (VCI), also warned that chemical plants are so complex, they "can't just be switched off and on again like a microwave oven." "Once chemical plants are shut down, they remain silent for weeks and months," he stressed and went on to say the disruption would have a "huge domino effect through almost all industries."

Earlier in the year the head of Volkswagen issued warnings about the threat of sanctions to the car industry. It is not hard then to conclude that it won't be pretty. The real threat to Germany is if they falter due to disruptions it could significantly affect their market share on global markets and their overall competitiveness and the gaps in market and supply will be snapped by the likes of China and Germany may never succeed in winning them back. This is a scenario for spiraling decline of German industry and with it Europe. Hundreds of thousands to millions of people work directly in these industries. Will they be still standing with Ukraine when they are out of work and sent home. Probably, because in the West, propaganda has been perfected where it is far superior to that in the former Soviet Union. The irony is the West and Russia have swapped sides. Now the corporate controlled West, spies wholesale on its citizens and censorship is largely outsourced to Big Tech. Already German politicians are advising people to go green and have a cold shower and turn down the heat when the time comes and our very own Eamon Ryan of the Green Party has hinted at pretty much the same.

Meanwhile in Ireland the government has plans for fuel rationing and for lockdowns where you will only be allowed make essential journeys. The Garda at the checkpoint will be deciding whether your journey is essential or not just like they did during the Covid scam. There are also plans to only allow cars with even or odd registrations on alternative days as well as limits on the amount of petrol you can buy. They have already being working closely on how to implement this electronically at the pump. It will be great because we will be sticking it to the evil Putin Hitler while the economy goes down the toilet and we loose for good whatever competitiveness we had. One thing you can be sure of is that in the event of power cuts, the data centers which keep the matrix going will probably get priority over mere citizens.

Chemical giant BASF (Germany) may close plant due to gas “shortage of cheap and abundant Russian natural gas” | Diesel shortage in Europe threatens to slow economic growth | Boomerang Sanctions | Europe hypnotized into war economy | German Economy Minister Herr Habeck firehoses oil & gas | No Fuels for Europe | Europe Fails with German Help German industry: Gas rationing plan would cripple economy

It gets better though because first we are assured by the completely clueless imbeciles like EU Commission President Ursula von den Leyen that we can get gas from elsewhere and oil too. The techies will sort it out. They are utterly deluded. Replacing Russian Gas that flows continuously in a pipeline to Eastern and Central Europe with Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) will take years and cost far more because there are not enough LNG ships and the specialized ports take years to build. Then you need to connect these ports to the existing pipelines. Again very costly and time consuming. The LNG gas is supposed to come from the fracked gas in the USA. The problem there is that this boom over there is over. They have already fracked all the best deposits and it is very hard and costly in terms of resources to collect gas over a wide area. Fracked gas suffers huge declines after the first year of drilling before you have to move to the next fracking site. This means, given the peak has already passed, there is no guarantee the gas will be available in the quantity needed. Economics 101 would suggest spending billions on LNG ship and port infrastructure might be a waste of time if you cannot guarantee there will be enough gas to put through them steadily for at least two decades or more otherwise you cannot justify the expense. Germany was already supplied by the NordStream-1 pipeline which recent play acting by the West had led to it's shutdown. NordStream-2 was built and just had to be signed off, except Biden told the Germans it was a no-go. Why would Germany choose to self destruct it's own economy in this way. Millions of people who use gas in Germany are going to suffer shortages and huge price increases for the gas that they do get. The only reasonable answer is because all the German and EU leaders are complete idiots which can't be 100% true and or the rest of them have been Jeffery Epsteined -i.e. blackmailed.

featured image
LNG Ship

Ireland has Corrib gas and gets the rest from Britain. So Irish politicians think all is okay. But if the British suffer any shortages, they are either going to restrict the flow to Ireland or greatly push up the price which will indirectly do the same thing. The private owners of Corrib gas will also increase the price at "market value". Bord Gas and British Gas profits are already up over 100% this year. Either way we suffer. The positive of it all is that Micheal Martin or whoever is in power will be able to come out of the Dail to make yet another Churchill like speech with a frown across the brow, flanked by high ranking clowns on either side to admonish to cut back further, all on how we are standing with Ukraine and defending freedom. The reality is that we are freezing with threat of the lights going out and standing with Nazis murdering civilians while the EU throws our tax money, arming these killers.

According to Russell Hardy head of energy company Vitol, Russia accounts for half Europe imports of diesel fuel which supplements the diesel refined in Europe. However it will now have to make up the shortfall if these Russian imports are reduced to zero. This would suggest there is a cunning plan to replace it. Not so easy. Switching to new suppliers is a non trivial task because oil contracts tend to be long term and trust needs to be built between supplier and buyer and then shipping, insurance, port handling, storage and a multitude of other things need to be arranged. Second the physical and chemical properties of oil do vary and oil refineries are set up and optimized for the type of oil they expect to use for at least the next decade and often far longer.

Oil refineries are essentially industrial chemical plants and are highly specialized. The equipment is very expensive, sensitive and it takes a lot of time, money and resources to coordinate and carry out this work and it would require thousands of people many with highly specialized engineering skills. Assuming many other refineries would be trying to upgrade at the same time, it is hard to see where these people would be found. When you select or switch to a new oil supplier for a refinery, you also need to carry out many thousands of chemical analysis and this will then feed into the detailed design of the numerous chemical processes that end up with refined diesel product of a specified quality and standard. It is very important that the oil you use has been confirmed to be of high consistency in its quality and chemical make up. For example different oils have varying sulfur content and this needs to be removed in the refining process and since the quantities of oil processed are huge then it is vital the processes around this are working correct and have their own feedstock of chemicals planned and scheduled. Another aspect is throughput of oil arriving and being processed through the plant. Flow rates must be maintained and the expected ranges in rates input to the amount of onsite storage tanks you require and this may entail building new tanks and connections to them. You can't have oil this month and none next month. It requires steady supply. Likewise you can't pour in Iranian oil at one end of the plant this week and Saudi the next, because you won't end up with the same consistent product and more than likely would damage your equipment and have shutdowns instead. These are highly technical and complicated systems. Just because some clueless EU official says we can replace the oil does not make it so. Why are such people like this in power anyhow?

It should be clear now what the problem is. The refineries using Russian oil in Europe to make diesel are setup to use Russian Oil. There is no way to change them to some other source without a lot of time and expense. Given the tight situation on the world market with oil anyhow, there is nobody out there who has the oil to give because most of them are in long term contracts and they would only switch for a higher price. So if and when all the Russian oil is phased out, the output of those refineries that use Russian oil will drop to zero. You might drive a petrol car or even an electric one and think, well what's the problem? It's only diesel.

The problem is that diesel is to the economy what blood is to your body. Every juggernaut, truck, van, tractor and ship runs on diesel as well as most buses and lots of industrial machinery. Disrupt this in any meaningful way and the impact will be instant on the economy. The high price of diesel is already badly impacting farmers and is leading to bankruptcy of many. Every single crop in Europe requires a tractor to plant the seed, spray it 2 or 3 times possibly more and then more tractor power to harvest. From there it is taken by truck to distribution centers and then by truck again to processing and thence again to the supermarkets. Farmers are already badly stung by fertilizer prices quadrupling due to gas prices. They won't have the cash flow to pay for all of this up front before they get paid for selling it. We are looking at huge price increases in basic foods and it will hit many hard. It will mean many farmers will go to the wall and their farms will be snapped up by huge multinational corporations as is already happening. You don't want a situation where the bulk of all farms are corporate owned and what they grow is so loaded with weedkiller and pesticide that it hardly rates as food. It is past the time for all and anyone with any land to start growing their own food.

This is just the effect at the farming end. Now we turn to the retail. If diesel disruptions are bad then trucking of goods itself will be impacted and the flow of good sputters. This will be reflected as shortages and it will affect not just food but horror of horror even all those things people buy online. More importantly practically all trades people use diesel powered vans and so forth and the supply of spare parts for a multitude of products will potentially be disrupted.

The scale of the impact of diesel shortages and or price spikes are hard to conceive because the whole system will interact with itself in all sorts of negative ways. The real danger is a cascade of shutdowns of various systems and if shortages develop in food, people will be tempted to hoard. But then this is the bit governments love because they will step in to impose rationing and it could be a great opportunity to have a second go at the Covid police-state pass. And it would be a shame for them to miss the opportunity to have another go at trying to eliminate the use of cash. Doing that would give them full control over all your purchases of what you buy, where you can buy and how much you can buy. The excuse to ban cash would be to shutdown the blackmarket and prevent hoarding. Thus your card could be easily denied access if you were shopping say 5 km from your home as that would not be an essential journey. And the purchase you make 1 km from your home could have limits imposed on how much meat, milk, bread or eggs or whatever is on the list they draw up. Think it is not possible? It is. Every purchase terminal has an unique id and its location is know by virtue of the address of the premises. And the home location of you the owner of the card doing the purchasing is known too.

We would likely be told that the country is in a state of emergency and handily for them it would probably be for as long as the distracted and clueless passive masses allow. This could turn out to be indefinite. It is the ideal entry mechanism into a permanent police state. This explains the propaganda around the Ukraine war. The masses are convinced they are standing with Ukraine fighting for freedom. And yet it is the self destructing sanctions that lead to the shortages and directly to the state of emergency and once in that sheep-pen onward to the slaughter house of the soul, the technocratic police state. It won't be called that. It will be for the overall good and for freedom and possibly your health too. The whole thing has all the hallmarks of being planned and intentional.

It doesn't take much imagination to conclude if the chaos is severe enough, your entry to your local Lidl, Tesco or even Centra or Spar might be dependent on whether your Covid freedom pass indicates you had the fourth Covid gene therapy booster shot and if so turns on that green light to open the door or authorize your purchase which in a cashless world would leave you with no way out of their grasp.

Are the Ukrainian Nazis Winning?

If we are going to go through this massive disruption then most people would want to know whether the Ukrainian freedom fighting Nazis are winning. Anyone listening to the mainstream media since Feb thinks they know the answer which would be: Yes, indeed they are and the Russians are losing and running out of ammo.

The official narrative said from the start the Russians were losing, had low morale, had huge losses and were committing massacres. Losing sides generally do. If this is the case how come the Ukrainian army has been now driven out of Lugansk and Donetsk ? How come the Ukrainian air force ceases to exist and the Europeans look for spare Soviet era Mig fighters from other Eastern European countries to send in. The Ukrainian Navy is also history. Where is the footage of any major counter offensive by the Ukrainians? And a successful one at that? All they can say is that the Russians were defeated when they tried to surround Kiev and later withdrew. Little do people realize this was a feint which was a diversionary tactic designed to force the Ukrainians to keep a certain fraction of troops there and at the time to stop them resupplying the dug in defensive line in the Donbass.

The truth which very few on the Western side refuse to admit except for one or two exceptions who get no airing in the mainstream media, like Scott Ritter and Douglas MacGregor is that the US / NATO as reported by a French reporter on the ground in Ukraine are running the war at the command level and thought with their proxy Ukrainian army they could actually win but are losing badly. [Update Douglas MacGregor now reporting NATO mercenaries running things. See below] The US are not the great military power they say they are, for they lost in Vietnam, in Iraq and most recently in Afghanistan. And their proxies ISIS in Syria have been greatly pushed back, with Russian help. Russia is a very powerful and serious military power whilst the US is used to complete air superiority and fighting opponents who have nothing more than Kalashnikov's and mortars. What the US normally does is shock and awe and then proceeds to bomb civilian infrastructure knocking out power, communications, water and sewage which causes huge number of civilian deaths.

Russia has been fighting this war with the aim of minimizing causalities and trying to preserve infrastructure. If they followed the US pattern, the trains would not be running in Kiev, the power would be off, mobile network would be down, water cut off, food supplies disrupted, the Internet down. This is not the case. The tactic of the US/NATO by whipping up support in the West through the most frenzied campaign ever, was to prolong the war to maximize the death and destruction. This is why Ukrainian Nazis locate their artillery pieces in residential area and apartment blocks hoping the Russians would fire back and give them the massacre they so badly need for their PR campaign in the West. The more infrastructure the Russians have to destroy and the more Ukrainians get killed, the better for US/NATO's PR offensive.

Alternative Coverage and Analysis of the Ukrainian War instead of MSM BS

The Saker -excellent analysis and reporting | Larry Johnsom (former CIA officer) blog | Moon Of Alabama website | Reminiscence of the Future... blog of Russia military expert Andrei Martyanov | Journalist Patrick Lancaster Telegram Channel Reporting In the Donetsk People's Republic covering the Ukraine War | VoltaireNet by Thierry Meyssan carries some good analysis
Video Interviews: Scott Ritter videos on BitChute | Douglas McGregor on BitChute

The alleged massacres supposed to have been carried out by the Russians at various locations like Bucha do not stack up and make no sense. They are highly likely all Ukrainian stunts. There is plenty of evidence in the alternative media to disprove Ukrainian claims. In the case of Bucha, the Russians withdrew as part of the feint in Kiev and the local mayor celebrated. Then 3 days after that, the bodies appeared. They hardly lay there for 3 days unnoticed. It is more likely they were Russian sympathizers shot dead and placed there after. Early in the war Ukrainian soldiers posted videos of the torture and execution of Russian soldiers. In contrast the Ukrainian soldiers taken prisoner were treated well and strictly in accordance with the Geneva conventions.

featured image featured image featured image

A few months back the Pentagon went so far as to admit that they were lying about Russian losses and it was simply propaganda. The Ukrainians have admitted that they are losing up to 200 people a day. That is over 1,000 a week. Their losses are huge. A recent report apparently from the Ukrainian command suggest over 91,000 of their soldiers dead or missing, with units at 45% strength. They are now at the stage of rounding up men in their 60s and youngsters with little training and sending them to be slaughtered in the frontline. There are even reports Women are being conscripted and sent to the front. Many have surrendered but not as much as initially hoped because every unit has Nazi elements in it and their job is to threaten or shoot anyone who dares surrender and their families would suffer too and there have been report Ukrainian Nazis shelled their own troops that fled en mass to the other side.. While their own troops needlessly die, the Kiev government voted a 70% pay rise for themselves. That gives an insight into how well the money showered on Ukraine is spent. The media often mentions they are putting together a million man army. It is pure BS. It is not possible. Most of those who ever wanted to join the army did so and are probably dead. You are not going to train and equip that sort of number in the time scale they suggest and besides if they are already scraping the barrel now for people where is this magical million. It is for Western PR to keep the narrative going.

When the Azov steel plant in Mariupol was finally taken in a negotiated surrender of the Azov Nazis of the Ukrainian Azov battalion, the regime in Kiev presented this as a withdrawal. It was a surrender. Part of the reason the surrender was allowed is because there were many Western mercenaries and former US and NATO soldiers embedded and behind the scenes deals were done. Only when the residents of Mariupol were absolutely sure the Nazis were no longer a threat did they emerge from their basements and welcomed the Russia soldiers. Many had horror stories of what the Azov Nazis had done.

What people in the West don't seem to realize is that Russia has an almost endless supply of weapons and ammo. Logistics is one of their strong areas. They have very powerful and deadly artillery and a wide range of rockets and missiles including hypersonic ones and these are all integrated into their own air defense, drone and satellite systems. Russia has it's own version of GPS satellites and military spy satellites. It's electronic warfare systems are second to none. Their fighter jets are superior to the F-16 and out perform them in many metrics. The US who is really fighting this war behind the scenes has not since World War II faced a peer in battle and they simply have had it too easy fighting third rate armies and losing. The trouble is the delusional that they are the greatest, has a certain momentum and the danger is the realists in the Pentagon who are now very thin may not be enough to stop the crazies escalating things to nuclear level when the full scale of their defeat becomes apparent. This has become evident in the last week or two.

Early on in the war the Russians secured various nuclear plants to take them out of the conflict and the workers at these plants happily cooperated as they could see the sense. However the Ukrainian army has started shelling these sites and the Russians are fully aware that the US are the ones who are making the decisions on what is shelled and what isn't since they are feeding in targeting information and on the ground combat intelligence from their satellite and electronic surveillance. The Russians have already warned the Ukrainians about this and lodged an urgent appeal to the UN for them to stop. In is it the US interest to perhaps destroy the on-site nuclear fuel storage at this sites and create a huge nuclear contamination problem. After all they do not care one iota for the lives of any Ukrainians let alone Russians.

We hear alot about all the arms being sent to Ukraine by the West. Most of these are being destroyed as they arrive. Many require extensive training in order to use properly and due to the lack of time, many of the weapons have proved useless. These include anti-tank, anti-aircraft weapons, howitzers, armored vehicles, body armors, night vision devices, grenade launchers, etc. Once these weapons arrive there is often little oversight or control as to where they go and some have actually ended up in the hands of numerous resellers on the “black Internet”, not the Ukraine military. It is believed many stinger missiles have got into the hands of various terrorist groups in Europe. These can easily take down an airliner. Yes you heard that right. Reckless and grossly irresponsible is the only description for the behaviour of our elites.

To get a real idea of how badly the war is going for Ukraine it would be instructive to listen to any interviews of either of these two American military people, Douglas MacGregor or Scott Ritter the latter who helped expose the lies about weapons of mass destruction during the Iraq War in 2003.


In conclusion it is difficult to know what will actually happen and there are so many things in flux. The politicians have painted themselves into a corner and cannot be seen to back down on the sanctions and this means the typical political solution to avoid castrophe will be to purchase the Russian oil and gas through third party brokers to give plausible deniabitity they are using Russian resources but it will turn out to be far more expensive because it will be an opportunity for others to cash in on this situation. For example Hungary who are not going along with the sanctions could sell Russian gas and relabel it as Hungarian or better still Ukrainian and charge a premium for it. Countries like India who are also not going along with sanctions could re-export Russian oil in tankers and relabel it whatever they like. If Europe is desperate enough it will turn a blind eye and pay up. This is the sort of solution that spineless politicians will always come with.

However the whole point is, this whole package of ridiculous sanctions and probable workarounds to get around their own sanctions will be extremely costly and detrimental to all the European economies including our own on the edge of Europe here and there is no need whatsoever for any of this.

If the public were to realize that NATO has been poking the Russians in the eye since at least 2014 and that these hypocritical governments who partook in previous wars of aggression (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya etc) do not care about human life and that Russia is strong, not weak, then things might change. As it stands Europe is the disposable tool of the US and already the MIC is looking forward to the billions European governments will spend "strengthening" NATO and re-stocking up on all the weapons they sent to Ukraine. The US will also make a killing selling their far more expensive LNG gas even though they don't have enough to supply anyhow. Another benefit is by badly damaging European industry and perhaps big companies like Airbus will be affected too along with the car manufacturers, it wipes out a certain amount of competition for them and opens up the European markets to US goods.

The US goal as stated already was to prize Europe away from joining up with Euro Asia, namely Russia and China but it appears they have miscalculated because the sanctions have back fired and their proxy army is losing. The US would have been quite well aware the days of the dollar are numbered and they cannot go on printing dollars out of thin air forever. Russia and China have known this too for many years and they knew the transition had to be handled very very carefully. What they probably did not expect is that the US would inflict serious wounds on itself and the dollar dominance in this whole fiasco. One of the ways we know things have changed at the geostrategic level is the number of countries who have not joined the sanctions outside of the West. In previous decades few dared to challenge Washington DC. Now these same countries openly oppose US policy.

When viewed in this light, the plan of the World Economic Forum's (WEF) Great Reset, to "Build Back Better" can be seen as an attempt by the corporate controlled West to seize hold of the global economy through the elimination of cash, going fully digital, thereby removing all sovereignty and centralizing the control of a major part of entire global economy through a central bank digital currency giving it enough strength to overcome any opposition. This is why an identification system like the Covid Pass was so essential and why they tried so hard to push it through and it must be admitted with considerable success. Once things are fully digital then mere national governments have little say other than to take orders from those in the background and give the pretense that power emanates from there. In fact we are already largely at that point

So the match is not yet set but it will be interesting to see if national governments in Europe, under control of course by more powerful elements, try to bring back an identification system and allow shortages to get so bad so that people willingly submit to their system of total control but whether they are careful enough to not make things so bad that the populace outright rebels.

The most important task in all of this though is to keep the public in a full state of ignorance of what the reality is.



Click to Play Video   or   download   1.86 Mb

Douglas Macgregor, Colonel U.S. Army speaks about reports that NATO contractors are operating the US HIMARS weapons and running the war in Ukraine directly
Download: Douglas Macgregor, Colonel U.S. Army speaks about reports that NATO contractors are operating the US HIMARS weapons and running the war in Ukraine directly 1.86 Mb

Click to Play Audio

Former CIA Ray McGovern says Ukraine War is a Proxy War for USA and explains why
audio Former CIA Ray McGovern says Ukraine War is a Proxy War for USA and explains why 10.5 Mb

author by anonpublication date Mon Jul 10, 2023 20:52author address author phone Report this post to the editors

It appears Germany got through the last year of potential energy sources by continuing to buy Russian oil but by going around the sanctions and buying it off India who made a nice hefty mark up on it.

Right now Germany is subsidizing its energy costs to the tune of hundreds of billions of Euros and in the long run, that’s not sustainable.


The chemical industry in Germany is also facing issues as outline in this article and whether or not the Germany chemical industry can even survive.


And the gas problems have led to a fertilizer shortage.

author by Ethir Neechal Tamildhoolpublication date Wed Apr 19, 2023 18:34author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Ethir Neechal Latest Episodes Sun Tamil Tv Serials
Watch Online Tamil Language Tv Show Ethir Neechal Serial HD Video.


Related Link: https://ethirneechall.cam/
author by Greg from PLpublication date Fri Mar 24, 2023 18:51author email author address author phone Report this post to the editors

So how about with this sanction apocalypse? Used to be a big fan of the Irish indy, but this thing still being published destroyed any respect I had for the project. All key Russian propaganda points, no respect for peoples struggles. Just as well I could publish a smear about rampart Irish nationalism and celtic crosses all over the country. What a bunch of muppets.

author by Gary Boynepublication date Mon Feb 06, 2023 21:55author address author phone Report this post to the editors

 "Everything started with Crimea and will end with it”
Quote taken from a speech by Volodymyr Zelenskyy on the 23 August 2022.

Zelenskyy was, of course, referring to Ukraine’s aspiration to annex the Russian Black Sea peninsula.

But there is a wider argument here: human civilisation started in this area and the threat of nuclear war may well see fighting over Crimea lead our species to catastrophe.

We need to pull from the brink of nuclear war but our leaders smell blood from Russia’s inadequacies in the war in Ukraine will push us all into nuclear war.

The nuclear armed, hostile, blood-soaked military alliance NATO directly challenges Russia (see link below)

Crimea is a significant location in the early history of #OurSharedContinent

Archaeologic excavations have discovered some of the earliest anatomically modern human remains in Europe in Crimea. The Buran-Kaya caves, some 40 km east of the splendid city of Simferopol have yielded Cro-Magnon human fossils dated to about 32,000 years ago.

The accompanying artefacts have been linked to the Gravettian culture.

The Gravettian culture in the Black Sea region feature in the “Earth's Children” historical fiction epic.

As the last Ice Age was ending (c. 16,000 years) the northern coast of the Black Sea in general (with Crimea in particular) was an important refuge from which north-central Europe was re-populated. The topography and climate - defined by a periglacial loess-steppe environment - was comparatively slightly warmer than territory latitudinally parallel but further away. This allowed for a much higher human site occupation density.

This strategic location is currently being eyed up for contesting by the largest counties in the world – Russia and the USA. Competing over it for geopolitical power projection will lead to the destruction of planet Earth in a nuclear war if sense does not prevail.

Related Link: https://www.republicworld.com/world-news/russia-ukraine-crisis/nato-military-chair-declares-alliance-is-ready-for-direct-confrontation-with-russia-articleshow.html
author by crazy catpublication date Wed Sep 28, 2022 18:59author address author phone Report this post to the editors

By Pepe Escobar

The sabotage of the Nord Stream (NS) and Nord Stream 2 (NS2) pipelines in the Baltic Sea has ominously propelled 'Disaster Capitalism' to a whole new, toxic level.


author by British Anarchistpublication date Fri Sep 23, 2022 23:22author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Indymedia is now just reposting Kremlin propaganda and lies!!! First it tries to claim most Ukrainians are Nazis! It ignores the fact that there are many thousands of Nazis in Russia who are fighting in Putins army! It lies about the war in the Donbass claiming it was starrcby Ukraine! But the reverse is true! As there was no war in the Donbass before 2014 when Russia instigated a civil war there by arming and funding seperatist terrorists! Ukraine did not oppress ethnic Russians in the Donbass prior to the 2014 Russian instigated civil war! Indymedia Ireland also ignores Russian atrocities in Ukraine which have been very well documented by organisations such as Human Rights Watch! Indymedia Ireland also totally ignores the growing Russian anti war movement! And they ignore the long history of oppression and tyranny of the Putin regime!!! They ignorw the fact that there is no democracy and freedom in Russia! How long are Indymedia Ireland going to keep on posting Kremlin lies????

author by Tpublication date Mon Sep 05, 2022 23:56author address author phone Report this post to the editors

If and when people find out the truth about the insanity that this war is causing then all hell will break loose.

It seems they might already be copping on in Czech already although it is amazing the protest was reported by the MSM

Czech Republic: Thousands take part in Prague anti-government demonstration

An estimated 70,000 protesters from the far-right and far-left rallied in central Prague against the Czech government on Saturday.

Some of the groups represented at the demonstration were the populist anti-migrant Freedom and Direct Democracy Party and the Communist Party.

Dubbed "Czech Republic First," the protest highlighted rising inflation fueled by a rise in energy prices, Covid-19 vaccinations, and immigrants.

The protesters demanded the resignation of the current coalition government led by conservative Prime Minister Petr Fiala, which had taken office last December.
Protesters slam government over Ukraine policy

The organizers of the demonstration said the Czech Republic should be militarily neutral and ensure direct contracts with gas suppliers, including Russia.

The protesters condemned the government for supporting sanctions against Russia over its war in Ukraine and accused it of being unable to cope with soaring energy prices.

They said the government pays more attention to war-torn Ukraine than to its own citizens. "The best for the Ukrainians and two sweaters for us," read a banner, a reference to concerns about heating costs in winter.

author by leftypublication date Fri Sep 02, 2022 17:32author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Irish ISPs may be traffic hobbling RT from rumble and blocking RT.com.
So much for freedom and democracy in the west, eh folks? I thought that was what we were fighting for? /sarc

For those of you who still value freedom under our authoritarian rulers, Here is a new site you can watch RT live on:


alternatively you can go here:


author by Tpublication date Tue Aug 30, 2022 23:13author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Tucker Carlson: Things are falling apart every quickly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zn6c-UkqlHo The solution to the disaster is simply end the war now. But no our politicians want war and chaos as they prefer for power outages and food shortages

Caption: Video Id: Zn6c-UkqlHo Type: Youtube Video
Tucker Carlson: Things are falling apart every quickly

author by newsmedianewspublication date Mon Aug 29, 2022 00:27author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Humans have no future on this planet. Humans themselves have seen to this.
Live your life while you can.
While you can.

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