How to Put Forward Formal Proposals to

The way to formally propose a change of policy or action.
Proposals are made on the indymedia working group email lists. Anybody can make a proposal about anything by siging up to the list and following the procedure below.

1. Select the Relevant Working Group

You first need to identify which working group is the relevant one for your proposal.
  1. The general collective list is reserved for proposals which effect the entire collective eg. Changes in mandates, election & recall of members, changes in guidelines.
  2. If you want to propose a feature (highlighting a story on the front page), you should contact the features list indicating the story you think should be highlighted (with a link)
  3. The newsire moderation list is where moderation is discussed.
Once you have discovered the mailing list, you should sign up to it if you aren't already a member as the proposal will be debated on that list, you will have to be a member of it or you will not be able to participate. Anybody can sign up to our lists.

2. Format Your Message Properly

Send a mail to the list with PROPOSAL being the first word in the subject line. Make the rest of your subject line as descriptive as possible. Eg:
PROPOSAL: featurise /article/34353
PROPOSAL: RECALL x from moderators working group

3. Explain your Proposal as Fully as Possible

The body of your mail should fully explain your proposal and should provide a detailed argument as to why your proposal should be passed. You should provide all relevant links and quotes in the proposal and reference the editorial guideline or constitutional clause that support your case, if possible.

4. Take Great Care in Formatting Proposals

Persistently sending spurious, ill-formatted or undocumented proposals to the lists is a serious abuse and will quickly lead to banning.
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